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Picture of Amazon Jobs Toronto

Amazon Jobs Toronto: 5 Best Websites To Check Out!

Are you searching for your dream job on Amazon? One of the best means of finding job opportunities is by checking career websites. There are many job boards, including generic, niche, channels, networking groups, and staffing companies websites. All of these websites provide great job listings. It could get tedious when searching through these websites, though. We will be providing you with the best sites to find your Amazon jobs, especially if you reside in Toronto. Don’t forget that while these websites are useful, it is still a job search website. It would give you a good head start in your job hunt and help you make good progress. These are the top websites to start your Amazon job hunt. You can check each of them and subscribe to their job alerts to stay informed.

9 Best Websites for Amazon Jobs Toronto

Picture of Amazon Jobs

1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the top job posting sites in Canada that boasts a big database of company reviews submitted by employees. Its brand provides job seekers insights into the company’s work condition, interview process, salaries, and benefits. Glassdoor is both a free and paid job ad site. They offer employers the opportunity to market their company to job seekers. They also allow employers the opportunity to identify a suitable candidate for the job. Glassdoor is one of the largest and best jobs listing websites with lots of Amazon job listings. You can pop into their site and find your dream job on Amazon.

2. Indeed

Indeed is one of the biggest job listing sites, with 9.8 job listings added to their sites globally. The website consolidates listings from different job boards and staffing agencies into one website. Indeed compiles information from different companies’ career pages. It allows you to search both locally and globally. Their website also provides free resources such as resume builders. Indeed is a free job posting site. Although you can pay to boost your postings, note it is a free and paid option(PPC).

3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is also a top general-purpose job board with an extensive reach around the globe. It has one of the best and robust search function. The search allows you to filter with several options, such as location, degree needed, and pay range. As a job seeker, you can upload your resume in any format. The site provides job seekers with career advice and resources. The job posting price starts from $489 for a single job posting. CareerBuilder partners with media outlets within the country, picking job listings from them.

4. Google for Jobs

This job listing site is huge, as it aggregates job listings from lots of websites. You can make use of it, as you make use of Google from their main search page. You could put in the key phrase such as “Amazon Jobs Toronto” to get their list of available jobs. The result pages will show some other relevant information, such as company ratings and salary information for the job. If you set your websites correctly for job positions near you, you can be duly notified. One advantage of Google for a job is that irrelevant results will be taken out while only a listing for a position can be seen.

5. Workopolis

Workopolis has been a Canadian job providing service for over 15 years. The aim remains connecting Canadians to their dream jobs. They provide options for every person, including those with disabilities. They help identify, remove, and prevent barriers that could hinder their services from reaching the right persons. Workopolis offers services for the independence and dignity of persons with disabilities by providing the same opportunity. They strive to ensure that all persons receive equitable treatment without discrimination.

6. Monster Canada

The monster job site is one of the most visited job boards worldwide. It also has a branch in Canada. The site attracts job seekers with its exciting and impressive resume database. Once a job is posted on its site, the monster recommends resumes that match employers’ requirements. This feature makes it easier and faster to find the perfect candidate.

7. is a Toronto-based job board known as the official job search engine of Canada’s Top 100 Employers project”. The website attracts over a million candidates yearly. offers post sponsored job ad and free ad. The post sponsored ad helps to increase visibility among job seekers. For the free ad on, you will first have to publish the jobs on the company’s career page.

8. LinkedIn

This top networking site provides you with different job listings.  You can connect directly with employers. Communication is key to extending your network, especially when in search of a job. Your profile serves as a resume, and you can easily find prominent people in your dream industry. The premium paid features offer more advanced search options and services.

9. Talent Egg

Talent Egg is an excellent option for anyone looking for a paid internship or summer job. It works best for recent graduates hunting for entry-level roles within Canada. They provide you with three pricing options where employers can post branded jobs and build your profile.


Since the beginning of Amazon’s tech hub in Toronto, jobs in Amazon have increased. To land your dream job on Amazon, you will have to pick a job board that provides you with notifications on available posts in Toronto. Sign up for your favorite job board and create a LinkedIn account to network.
Picture of House painters toronto

Top 5 Home Painters in Toronto

Have you just completed your new home? Are you thinking of changing the appearance of your home? There is no better way than to get the service of a professional home painter. Although painting might seem like a daunting task, you can easily differentiate a good paint job from a bad one from the look and feel. While many people may decide to do the painting themselves, most prefer to hire a reputable home painter like Neighbourhood Painters to get a quality job. Giving your home a quality painting job requires a high level of skills and experience. You have to conclude that hiring a home painter is the way to go. You must also be sure to go for a qualified and reliable company to carry out the job.

What Makes a Good Home Painter?

Picture of Neighbourhood Painters The beauty of your home is your pride. Therefore, you should give it the best painting job. However, when looking to hire a home painter, Toronto, there are four things to look out for.

1) Excellent Reputation

If you want to be sure of a painter’s reputation, you need to ask for a reference. A reputable painter should be able to refer a few of the works he has done. If it’s a company, you can check their website for reviews to know what previous clients say about the company’s reputation and experience with a specific painter.

2) Aesthetic Sense

Clients often lookout for painters who are good at not just slapping coats of paints on the wall but also beautifying the whole building. A professional home painter should have eyes for colors and designs that will suit a client’s wants.

3) Reliability

Another essential quality of a good painter is how reliable he is. It is not enough to be an experienced painter. It would be best if you also looked out for dependability. A good home painter should be competent with time, materials, and logistics. You don’t want to have your budget uttered due to the incompetence of the painter.

4) Excellent Knowledge of Paints and Painting Tools

A seasoned painter should have adequate knowledge of different paint brands. You don’t want to have your home paint wearing off within three months. The experience with painting tools is also required to carry out a detailed and excellent paint job.

How Much Do Toronto Home Painters Charge?

Not all home painting projects are the same. What you want for your home might be different from your neighbor’s, even if you have the same house structure. So, you should expect a difference in painting expenditure. On average, painting an interior of a 1500 square foot house can cost about $1500-$4500, and this price includes the cost for paint, tools, labor, and painter’s markup. To paint the exterior of the same house, you can budget between the range of $1000-$3000, including the cost for paints and labor. If you are considering doing a kitchen cabinet paint, wardrobes painting, or bathroom painting, $300-$550 will be enough to get a clean job.

Top 5 Home Painters in Toronto

1) Royal Home Painters

Royal home painters offer a wide range of home painting, improvement ideas, and renovation. They are your one-stop home painters for both interior and exterior painting. Their painters are well skilled and experienced in delivering a satisfactory job for their customers. At Royal home painters, be rest assured that all your painting needs will be met. They always come up with effective strategies for a satisfactory end. Telephone: +1 647-492-3993

2) Adept Painting Service

At Adept Painting Service, you can be guaranteed of a quality job. Their employees are family-oriented and also insured with WSIB. They also have a vast knowledge of both traditional and modern painting styles. Their aim is beyond designing and building your home. They give a painting job that is family-friendly and environmentally friendly. Their services include ceiling painting, interior painting, exterior painting, decorative painting, cabinet painting, color consulting, paint removal, wallpaper installation, etc. Telephone: +1 647-704-5957

3) Arc Painting

Founded in 2009 by Matt Brown, Arc Painting is interested in keeping the beauty of your home intact. Their vision is to see that a painting service is delivered with quality artistry. They also offer excellent customer service, which makes the painting process hitch-free. Although most of their painting jobs are residential, it has allowed them to build a reliable reputation across Toronto. Their service also comes at a very reasonable price for a perfect painting project. Telephone: +1 416-454-3150

4) Home Painters Toronto

Founded in 1987 by Brian Young during his first year at York University, Home Painters Toronto is committed to giving their clients a pleasurable experience. Their workers are experts in home painting and use the best paints brands such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr. This neighborhood painters have testaments from big names and brands such as Holmes on homes, custom build with Paul Lafrance, etc. They are committed to delivering the best interior and exterior painting services. Telephone: +1 416-494-9095

5) Wow 1 Day Painting

Wow 1 Day offers a professional paint job that combines both speed and quality. They have an excellent painting system that illuminates a stroke of genius. Their well-greased, uniformed, professional painters have been able to deliver outstanding results with a proven method and techniques for more than 20years. The painting firm also has a written budget, including materials, labor, low-VOC paints, and suppliers needed to complete your painting project in the shortest time. Telephone: +1 437-703-2702


Your home is the most valuable asset and investment you have. For this reason, you should take your time to do all the necessary homework before settling for a particular home painter. You must make sure that you employ competent painters with a respected reputation, be it a self-employed painter or a painting company.
Picture of Fulfillment by Amazon FBA

How To Start Amazon FBA In Canada

E-commerce in Canada is a rapidly growing market. With the increase in digitization, it is expected to increase in a few years. In Canada, retail sales trade recorded about 1.8 billion Canadian dollars from about 28.1 million Canadian online buyers. E-commerce in Canada is also expected to go beyond 33 billion USD on retail sales revenue by 2024. With the above figure and speculations, e-commerce in Canada is an influential economic tool individual can benefit from. You can be a part of this revenue-generating business and smile to the bank. Do you need a head start in the e-commerce business in Canada? Amazon has got your back. With Fulfillment By Amazon (Amazon FBA), you can easily get into the e-commerce business and start selling. Amazon FBA also gives you the Amazon edge. It helps you run the day-to-day activities of the business. You only need to focus on the entrepreneurial part of the business. With the FBA fee and your product intact, you are in business. You can also benefit from the free shipping offered to customers of Amazon Prime. As an Amazon FBA seller, you can save your time as Amazon does the work for you. Warehousing, outsourcing of products, excellent customer service, and more are the benefits of this program. With Amazon FBA, you can sell as much as your customers can order. One great benefit of Amazon FBA is that your products are not only limited to Amazon. You can also take advantage of other marketing channels with your Amazon FBA. When you list your products on other sites and get orders, Amazon FBA will also fulfill them. Amazon FBA can also help you serve your clients in other countries.

How to Start Amazon FBA in Canada – Six (6) Simple Steps

Picture of How to start amazon fba in Canada Your e-commerce business needs the Amazon advantage. The following would help you get started on your journey to expand your business with Amazon FBA.

1. Select a Good Product for the Canadian Market

All products do not give the same results. Therefore, your choice of product is essential. You can also search for the bestselling products in Canada to inform your decision. Make use of an Amazon seller research tool if you are considering a new product. It is also important to note that there is a difference between and The Director of Amazon Strategy in Tinuiti explains that you can sell a product from to Canadians, but their products would not be visible to those shopping on

2. Consider the Cost

The fast-growing market in might not give you the same experience as that of is considered to have higher shipping costs, and the U.S sellers also consider the exchange rate. Hence, a U.S seller might consider increasing the cost of the product to cover its shipping or duties. If you want to sell on from the U.S., consider the tax and cost of shipping. Always look out for the best shipping option

3. Compare FBA and MFN: Choose the best option

Beyond border shipping, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) offer several services. You can compare their options and services and choose the best shipping means for your product. Using Merchant Fulfilled Network shipping for, the following is required;
  • Ensure there is no prohibition on your product in Canada. You can check the list of prohibited items.
  • Go through the requirements from the Canadian Border service.
  • Register as a Non-Resident Importer and get a business number.
  • You can also consider registering for Good and Services Tax (GST) or the Harmonised Sales Tax (HST) if you intend to collect taxes on
  • Mention the country you are shipping from on your profile. For instance, “ships from ” x” (country)”
  • Use a Global Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number for your product. You can not use Global SKU for Amazon FBA.
Amazon FBA gives Canadian sellers these benefits;
  • Considering the rigorous processes involved in using MFN, Amazon FBA is appealing.
  • The excellent customer service gets a lot off your back.
  • With Amazon FBA, you can compete favorably in the Canadian market with fast shipping and Amazon quality customer service.
  • Amazon Canada FBA also includes services such as storage, picking, packaging, and shipping of products to customers. It also consists of the free shipping Amazon Prime advantage at no extra cost.

4. Create Your Product Listing in

For your products to be viewed by customers on, your products must be listed there. They will only be seen on the U.S listing if they check Ensure you use the right SKUs on your product for the Canadian market.

5. Manage Your Accounts With NAUA

Managing different accounts could be a piece of work. This management has been made easier with the introduction of the North American Unified Account from Amazon. With NAUA, you are in charge of what you sell and when from one seller interface. This service also helps you manage your inventory and share information about your listings on both accounts. Note that both accounts are independent. You can use an Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS) to convert your payment to USD.

6. Customize Your Ads for the Canadian Market

You can use proven methods from other marketplaces with the right keywords for your product. Also, follow the Amazon practices and performance data. The language differences should also be considered in your advert. is a growing market. Therefore, don’t expect too much. Maximize your while you spread to Amazon Canada.

Do you need a Business License to Start Selling on Amazon Canada?

The simple answer to this question is No! You don’t need a business license to sell your products on platforms online. These platforms include Amazon. A business license is not needed because any federal government does not regulate it. Most products online don’t require government approval because they are mainly consumer products. Individuals who sell on online platforms like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Shopify, Craiglist, etc. don’t need a business license. But when you start making profits, you’ll need a tax code. You should register your business to be on the safe side. is another excellent platform for business owners to expand the reach of their business. Taking advantage of the services offered by the Amazon FBA program makes this expansion easier.
Picture Of Is Amazon FBA available in Canada

Is Amazon FBA Available in Canada?

Amazon FBA is one of the most popular means to make money online legally. Over two million people have subscribed to the idea with more people joining in every day. However, Canada has a smaller population than America and reportedly less interest in e-commerce. So, the question is; Is Amazon FBA available in Canada? Yes, Amazon FBA is available in Canada. You can sell products to Canadian addresses on the site. You should, however, note that you cannot use FBA Canada to fulfill orders. Selling on the American FBA marketplace is quite different from selling on FBA Canada. If you want to start selling to our ‘brethren in the North’, there are certain things you need to know about the Canadian FBA marketplace to succeed. You can read on to learn these essential details.

What do You Need to Know about Amazon FBA in Canada?

Picture of Amazon FBA in canada Amazon FBA in Canada has become a worthwhile marketplace. According to a survey conducted by RBC in 2018, Amazon had the highest number of purchases by Canadians, more popular than Walmart. Considering the rapid growth in the e-commerce interest of this country, FBA Canada is worth exploring. As an e-commerce marketer looking to explore this marketplace, here are a few things that you need to note;
  • Lesser Population, Less Competition

America has a large population, and with that size comes a lot of sellers, which means intense competition. On the other hand, Canada’s population is just about 35 million. Therefore, the sellers on the Canadian marketplace are lesser than on the American market, which means less competition than an American seller would typically face. However, do not think that the smaller population means underdeveloped Amazon capabilities. Amazon Canada Prime one-day delivery is available in 19 cities of the country. Therefore, you can access millions of Prime members who would buy your products.
  • Potentially Better Profit Margin

Since the Amazon marketplace in Canada is less saturated compared to other markets, you can sell at a higher price and get more profit. However, ensure you factor in the exchange rate. The Canadian dollar is often weaker than the American dollar. So, you also have to keep that fact in mind when you set prices for the same products on the American and Canadian marketplace.
  • Varied Shipping Cost

The cost of transportation in Canada is quite higher. Ensure you factor in this cost into your product pricing. You would also have to deal with different shipping companies and unique methods in the Canadian marketplace. It might be a bit tricky in the beginning, but you would get the hang of it quickly.
  • Spellings in Product Listings

American spellings are quite different from Canadian spellings. You don’t want to just copy your product listings on the American marketplace to the Canadian market. It might not appeal to Canadians. Keywords might also be quite different because of cultural differences. You can go through your product listings with a spellchecker and fix the English. You can also employ the services of an editor to help you.
  • Prohibited and Illegal Items

Despite the similarities between the Canadian laws and regulations and the American ones, there are still some significant differences. Therefore, you must read up on the prohibited and illegal products for Amazon Canada before you start selling. You should also check out their list of restricted items. It is your responsibility to ensure that your products fit into the Canadian regulations and laws.
  • Amazon Canada FBA is a Distinct Entity

You have to understand that the Amazon FBA Canada functions distinctly from Amazon US. Therefore, you must register your e-commerce business in Canada separately. You should register as a Non-Resident Importer if you are not located in Canada. You would also need a business number. You also have to pay the appropriate Canadian taxes for your business. Some of the products you sell might be subject to a Harmonized Sales Tax or a Goods and Service Tax depending on the province where the product is sold.
  • Different Pricing Factors

Several factors make the price of products on Amazon Canada different from that of Amazon US. You have to consider the exchange rate, the transportation costs, the competition, and so on. One of the best ways to determine your product price, though, is to research the set price of your competition. The Amazon Canada FBA marketplace is quite different from Amazon US and other markets. However, Amazon Canada is one of the best ways to reach the Canadian populace. You just have to understand the uniqueness of the market, which we have pointed out right above. Are you ready to start your journey into the international marketplace with Amazon Canada? You can follow the simple steps we have outlined below to become a successful seller on Amazon Canada.

How to Become an Amazon Canada Seller in 5 Simple Steps  

  Picture Of Helium 10 Research Tools Selling on Amazon Canada, even when you are not in Canada, is not as hard as you might think. You can follow these steps to start selling on Amazon Canada.

Step 1:

Amazon Canada has its unique characteristics due to different cultures and practices. Ensure you find the best products for the Canadian marketplace. Helium 10 Research Tools help you find these products easily.

Step 2:

Weigh the cost difference due to the higher Canadian Shipping costs and strike a balance in your pricing to compete favorably with the local sellers. You can even gain more profits if you can balance the price and demand for products.

Step 3:

Use FBA to sell your products. The benefits of Amazon FBA are numerous for you and your potential customers. Set up your Amazon FBA account for Canada.

Step 4:

Ensure you use the right marketplace-specific SKUs for Amazon Canada’s Seller Central.

Step 5:

Use Amazon’s North American Unified Accounts to manage both your Amazon US and Amazon Canada accounts.


Amazon has a unique marketplace for the Canadian populace. Now that you understand the differences between Amazon Canada and the other marketplaces, you would find it easy to start selling on Amazon Canada. All you have to do is follow the steps we have highlighted for you.

8 Tips for Making Effective Flyers for Your Business

Flyer marketing may not be the best marketing idea that you can use for worldwide marketing, but is definitely effective in spreading your business in your locality. It is quite inexpensive and easy, but marketing costs can build up with time. Small businesses need to plan their flyers in smart ways to get more profits than their investment in flyer marketing. These tips will help in making effective flyers for your business.

Make a brief content

Always remember that flyers get overlooked pretty easily. You will need a brief and attractive content which can deliver more information in fewer words. You do not have to explain everything about your business. Just let people know that you exist with inviting dialogues and share the details later.

Make divisions

Make divisions Your flyer can look unorganized and poorly planned if you do not design it properly. Creating long paragraphs will only bore the reader. Instead, you can divide your content into sections that people can find easy to read.

Have a catchy headline

After all, it is an advertisement! You need catchy lines to gain your customer’s attention. The headline is the first line of your flyer, so do not compromise on being creative. Make it seem interesting for the reader to read the rest of the flyer as well.

Use Call-to-action

Call-to-action is an important part of the flyers. It tells the readers what to do after they finish reading the flyer. It is either a contact number to call the business directly or a website link which they can visit. Today barcodes are also a part of it. They provide quick scan redirection to the main website.

Include contact information

Always keep your contact information either on the top right or at the bottom of the flyer so that readers can confirm anytime that your service is legit. Keeping the contact information at the end is usually the more formal manner.

Choose the right content

Whether it is information about your business or the testimonials of your customers that you want to display in your flyer, make sure it is well written. Proofread everything one last time before giving it for printing. Choose the testimonials which are well written and seem legit.

Use the right colours

Colours can play an important role in providing your vibe to the readers. Go for the bright colours with different shades as it will keep the readers hooked to the content. Dull colours can make the readers lose interest in your flyer. Choose wisely.

Pick the right paper

Pick the best quality paper that you can afford. Sometimes you can get a better choice paper for your type of business at less price compared to the high-quality paper, which is not really needed. Applying paper coatings can add the matte or gloss finish to your flyer, making it even more attractive.