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Picture Of Is Amazon FBA available in Canada

Is Amazon FBA Available in Canada?

Amazon FBA is one of the most popular means to make money online legally. Over two million people have subscribed to the idea with more people joining in every day. However, Canada has a smaller population than America and reportedly less interest in e-commerce. So, the question is; Is Amazon FBA available in Canada? Yes, Amazon FBA is available in Canada. You can sell products to Canadian addresses on the site. You should, however, note that you cannot use FBA Canada to fulfill orders. Selling on the American FBA marketplace is quite different from selling on FBA Canada. If you want to start selling to our ‘brethren in the North’, there are certain things you need to know about the Canadian FBA marketplace to succeed. You can read on to learn these essential details.

What do You Need to Know about Amazon FBA in Canada?

Picture of Amazon FBA in canada Amazon FBA in Canada has become a worthwhile marketplace. According to a survey conducted by RBC in 2018, Amazon had the highest number of purchases by Canadians, more popular than Walmart. Considering the rapid growth in the e-commerce interest of this country, FBA Canada is worth exploring. As an e-commerce marketer looking to explore this marketplace, here are a few things that you need to note;
  • Lesser Population, Less Competition

America has a large population, and with that size comes a lot of sellers, which means intense competition. On the other hand, Canada’s population is just about 35 million. Therefore, the sellers on the Canadian marketplace are lesser than on the American market, which means less competition than an American seller would typically face. However, do not think that the smaller population means underdeveloped Amazon capabilities. Amazon Canada Prime one-day delivery is available in 19 cities of the country. Therefore, you can access millions of Prime members who would buy your products.
  • Potentially Better Profit Margin

Since the Amazon marketplace in Canada is less saturated compared to other markets, you can sell at a higher price and get more profit. However, ensure you factor in the exchange rate. The Canadian dollar is often weaker than the American dollar. So, you also have to keep that fact in mind when you set prices for the same products on the American and Canadian marketplace.
  • Varied Shipping Cost

The cost of transportation in Canada is quite higher. Ensure you factor in this cost into your product pricing. You would also have to deal with different shipping companies and unique methods in the Canadian marketplace. It might be a bit tricky in the beginning, but you would get the hang of it quickly.
  • Spellings in Product Listings

American spellings are quite different from Canadian spellings. You don’t want to just copy your product listings on the American marketplace to the Canadian market. It might not appeal to Canadians. Keywords might also be quite different because of cultural differences. You can go through your product listings with a spellchecker and fix the English. You can also employ the services of an editor to help you.
  • Prohibited and Illegal Items

Despite the similarities between the Canadian laws and regulations and the American ones, there are still some significant differences. Therefore, you must read up on the prohibited and illegal products for Amazon Canada before you start selling. You should also check out their list of restricted items. It is your responsibility to ensure that your products fit into the Canadian regulations and laws.
  • Amazon Canada FBA is a Distinct Entity

You have to understand that the Amazon FBA Canada functions distinctly from Amazon US. Therefore, you must register your e-commerce business in Canada separately. You should register as a Non-Resident Importer if you are not located in Canada. You would also need a business number. You also have to pay the appropriate Canadian taxes for your business. Some of the products you sell might be subject to a Harmonized Sales Tax or a Goods and Service Tax depending on the province where the product is sold.
  • Different Pricing Factors

Several factors make the price of products on Amazon Canada different from that of Amazon US. You have to consider the exchange rate, the transportation costs, the competition, and so on. One of the best ways to determine your product price, though, is to research the set price of your competition. The Amazon Canada FBA marketplace is quite different from Amazon US and other markets. However, Amazon Canada is one of the best ways to reach the Canadian populace. You just have to understand the uniqueness of the market, which we have pointed out right above. Are you ready to start your journey into the international marketplace with Amazon Canada? You can follow the simple steps we have outlined below to become a successful seller on Amazon Canada.

How to Become an Amazon Canada Seller in 5 Simple Steps  

  Picture Of Helium 10 Research Tools Selling on Amazon Canada, even when you are not in Canada, is not as hard as you might think. You can follow these steps to start selling on Amazon Canada.

Step 1:

Amazon Canada has its unique characteristics due to different cultures and practices. Ensure you find the best products for the Canadian marketplace. Helium 10 Research Tools help you find these products easily.

Step 2:

Weigh the cost difference due to the higher Canadian Shipping costs and strike a balance in your pricing to compete favorably with the local sellers. You can even gain more profits if you can balance the price and demand for products.

Step 3:

Use FBA to sell your products. The benefits of Amazon FBA are numerous for you and your potential customers. Set up your Amazon FBA account for Canada.

Step 4:

Ensure you use the right marketplace-specific SKUs for Amazon Canada’s Seller Central.

Step 5:

Use Amazon’s North American Unified Accounts to manage both your Amazon US and Amazon Canada accounts.


Amazon has a unique marketplace for the Canadian populace. Now that you understand the differences between Amazon Canada and the other marketplaces, you would find it easy to start selling on Amazon Canada. All you have to do is follow the steps we have highlighted for you.

8 Tips for Making Effective Flyers for Your Business

Flyer marketing may not be the best marketing idea that you can use for worldwide marketing, but is definitely effective in spreading your business in your locality. It is quite inexpensive and easy, but marketing costs can build up with time. Small businesses need to plan their flyers in smart ways to get more profits than their investment in flyer marketing. These tips will help in making effective flyers for your business.

Make a brief content

Always remember that flyers get overlooked pretty easily. You will need a brief and attractive content which can deliver more information in fewer words. You do not have to explain everything about your business. Just let people know that you exist with inviting dialogues and share the details later.

Make divisions

Make divisions Your flyer can look unorganized and poorly planned if you do not design it properly. Creating long paragraphs will only bore the reader. Instead, you can divide your content into sections that people can find easy to read.

Have a catchy headline

After all, it is an advertisement! You need catchy lines to gain your customer’s attention. The headline is the first line of your flyer, so do not compromise on being creative. Make it seem interesting for the reader to read the rest of the flyer as well.

Use Call-to-action

Call-to-action is an important part of the flyers. It tells the readers what to do after they finish reading the flyer. It is either a contact number to call the business directly or a website link which they can visit. Today barcodes are also a part of it. They provide quick scan redirection to the main website.

Include contact information

Always keep your contact information either on the top right or at the bottom of the flyer so that readers can confirm anytime that your service is legit. Keeping the contact information at the end is usually the more formal manner.

Choose the right content

Whether it is information about your business or the testimonials of your customers that you want to display in your flyer, make sure it is well written. Proofread everything one last time before giving it for printing. Choose the testimonials which are well written and seem legit.

Use the right colours

Colours can play an important role in providing your vibe to the readers. Go for the bright colours with different shades as it will keep the readers hooked to the content. Dull colours can make the readers lose interest in your flyer. Choose wisely.

Pick the right paper

Pick the best quality paper that you can afford. Sometimes you can get a better choice paper for your type of business at less price compared to the high-quality paper, which is not really needed. Applying paper coatings can add the matte or gloss finish to your flyer, making it even more attractive.